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Richboro, Pennsylvania


St. Vincent de Paul Parish had planned to build an independent parish hall building on their existing site. After multiple studies were completed by our firm, we were able to demonstrate that a Parish Hall attached to the existing church would fulfill all of their programming needs, reduce the required square footage of the project, centralize their facilities, and add a proper formal entrance, gathering space, and handicapped accessibility to their existing church as a bonus.

The new entrance to the complex is a two-story glass and masonry atrium that serves as a central gathering space for all of the other spaces. To the north of the gathering space is a new daily chapel that seats over a hundred worshippers. The low sloping wood ceilings and high central barrel vault create a soaring volume that culminates at the “Lamb of God” cross and rose window behind the altar.

To the west of the gathering space is a new office suite with private offices for staff, flexible office space for various ministries, a reception area, library, and conference room. To the east of the gathering space are a new monumental stair and elevator that provide an elegant and accessible route up to the existing sanctuary and down to the existing social hall.

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